I used to say that selling products with Avthentic would be un-Avthentic. I am used to say that Avthentic is not a brand. It is ruled by nothing else than passion and having fun in doing things that I love. For a while now, I have been lucky to document the surfing twists and turns of Dunn and Clovis, who are among my closest friends and who surf the way I would like to. I do not remember who but one guy once said something like « it is not how many waves you ride, it is how you ride » (it is certainly not the exact quote but it gets the idea). And I hope this applies to The Avthentic Story. It is a non-spectacular movie. Tiny casual waves. Shoulder-high max. I put in it what makes me thrill, like when I am taking pictures of my friends. I can really hear my heart beating and losing control and burning while I see them surfing. I cannot explain. Some words to root out the evil: 

avthentic is

not built to resist

not a brand
not dead yet 
it was about to

my damages

what makes me feel alive
rather the ragtag and the bobtail

what matters to keep my hopes alive

and the list goes on

surfing, family, friends and love 
the hole in your sock 

the seven days roses

the only book you have

and you dig reading

instead of the tons of boards you buy
but you never started riding

and you

or maybe you. 

I have always liked the sense of touch. Like when you buy a book instead of downloading it (non-material files will never replace books, but it is another story). I made copies of The Avthentic Story because of this. And because it was so much fun to find an identity for something I have been working on for years. I will probably not earn money with this project but it has never been a goal in mind. Fortunately it has not been forbidden yet to do things FOR FUN (this will probably change when I have mouths to feed or when I lose my real job).

You can check the Avthentic not-a-store if you are keen.

Thank you all a lot for coming to the movie premieres (hope you liked it) and for supporting Avthentic. -rudo