FAMILIAR was filmed with Dunn in July 2014. We shared 10 clean sessions in 14 days, which is way more than we had these past two years. Music by one of my favorite bands Songs Ohia.

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On a 1-day trip with the Gato Bask family

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Benhull & Yves


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Clovis' cutback in The Fold newspaper. You can read it online if you are keen:  http://issuu.com/thefoldmag/docs/thefoldmag

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Yves is a man of few words who has been such a local influence when I was a kid, and even now.

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Has someone already experimented an asymmetrical handplane? Today my grandpa and I worked on both the A-side and the B-side so that you just have to turn it to go left or right.

Still some sanding left to do but it's kind of exciting.