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On a 1-day trip with the Gato Bask family

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Benhull & Yves


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Clovis' cutback in The Fold newspaper. You can read it online if you are keen:

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Yves is a man of few words who has been such a local influence when I was a kid, and even now.

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Has someone already experimented an asymmetrical handplane? Today my grandpa and I worked on both the A-side and the B-side so that you just have to turn it to go left or right.

Still some sanding left to do but it's kind of exciting.

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I had a chance to catch up with Dunn this weekend and it remembered me the very beginning of Avthentic. Probably more than a year since we surfed together so the time finally came to put a new roll into the camera. This is Dunn in front of the Presidente Viera wreck.

I have been putting more news on Facebook than on the website (which is lame). If you want to keep in touch :

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Some automatic writing. This blog is not dead. It is just that I have not taken a single photo for ages because I am stuck in Paris. I am reaching the end of my archives but did not give up. I am not really interested in photographying pigeons or buildings or whatever. My friends have been inspiring me so much but good times with them a the beach are becoming so rare. I miss three-years-ago-avthentic. Moments like these never last.